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How To Lose Weight On a Vegan Diet – 7 Steps

How To Lose Weight On a Vegan Diet – 7¬†Easy Tips So you might of heard about the benefits of going vegan, more energy, increased strength, healthy lookingskin, not contributing to animal cruelty and the environmental damage are all upsides of a plant based diet. There is also an added bonus you will receive when […]

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Backlever into the Sun

5 Benefits to Bodyweight Training

Is going to the gym is better than training using your own body weight? Here are 5 benefits of body weight training. Body-weight is weight. This may seem obvious and it is. Doing a handstand push up is no different to doing a military press with a barbell. Your still engaging the same muscles if […]

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Mark Jumping

5 Energy Boosting Vegan Foods

So everyone knows that the food you put in your body is like the fuel you put in a car. What you put in will ultimately determine for you feel so here are 7 foods that will boost your energy. Chia Seeds This seeds are tiny but mighty! Chia contains iron, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, […]

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My Transformation

Looking at the picture on the left I truly don’t recognise my former self and I’m not just talking about physically. The most drastic change I noticed within myself when I discovered health and fitness was the internal change. My mindset shifted from an epicurean lifestyle (YOLO/live for the moment) to a more stoic way […]

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Lunch on the go

Tips for eating while traveling

A common issue people have when thinking about starting to a plant based diet is “It’s tough to stick to when traveling”. This may seem like a legitimate problem but actually can easily solved with a little thought and preparation. Here’s what suggest   Bring snacks. Every time I’m traveling I always pack plenty of […]

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