4 ways to motivate yourself.

There are two types of motivation, external Motivation and internal motivation. External motivation comes from outside sources, maybe friends that hype you up or a video you watch that gets ¬†you charged up and raring to go. Internal motivation is what comes from that little voice in your head. Proven research on self-determination theory by […]

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Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder as been gaining a lot of popularity these days as a new super food because of it’s highly packed with 90 + nutritional contents, 46 antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, tissue protective properties and micro/macro minerals for cell function. The powder is source from the leaf of the ben tree also know as horseradish tree or […]

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Big Ben one arm planche

Energy Boosting Hacks

Busy busy busy. We all are these days so busy people need energy. Here are 5 ways to boost energy without taking any supplements. 1 – Change your state. You can instantly change how you feel by changing how you move your body. Scientist and psychologists have proven that changing you body positioning can effect […]

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