Nutri Ninja – Product Review

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-15-26Product: Nutri Ninja

Price:  £79.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size of Container: 2 sizes 650ml and 500m

Guarantee: 2 Year Full Warranty

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


The Nutri Ninja – Product Overview

Every day after I’ve trained I generally don’t have much time to make a health nutritious meal but that where the Nutri Ninja comes in to play. I throw in any veg, fruit, protein powder, beans (yes I said beans) and water or plant based milk, blitz it up and I have quick meal replacement shake that I can drink on the go.

The Nutri Ninja comes with one 650ml and a 500ml size containers with sip and seal lids. A powerful 900 watts motor that will liquefy any eatable food you throw into it while keeping all the nutritional content of the fruit/vegetable etc.

It works in 3 Steps: 1 add contents to container, 2 fasten the blade on and 3 press the container down on the base for 30/50 seconds and BOOM there you have it!


Longterm Saving

I use to buy juices and smoothies everyday from the shops that would cost me anywhere between £3-£7. Over the course of a month this would quickly add up to between £60-£100 on juice! With the ninja you’ll buy the raw ingredients (fruit/veg etc) for the week and make your own tasty smoothie or juice any time for a fifth of the shop price. It would work out to about £0.90 a drink and thats about 10% of what I would pay before hand.


It’s Not Just a Smoothie Maker

You can use it to make nut butters (with the additional accessories), salsa, guacamole, baby food, nice cream, protein Shakes, pasta sauces and even bread dough. Thick home made tasty soups can also be whipped up and then heated on the strove in less than 10 minutes.


There a ton of recipes online. The Nutri Ninja website as a list of recipes that are super tasty, here is a link to their smoky chile bean soup. For those with a sweet tooth (like me) desserts can also be easily made too.

Washing The Ninja is a Breeze

The ninja is only 3 parts and 2 of which need to be washed after use, the container and the blade. Simply add a bit of warm water to the container with a drop of washing up liquid, fasten the blade on and press the container down for 30/40 seconds. Then unfasten, rinse with warm water and dry. You can also hand wash the container and blade or just throw them in the dish washer.

In Conclusion… I love it!


I am a BIG believer in this product and absolutely LOVE my Nutri Ninja.  One drawback might be that if you wish to chop any fruit, veggies or nuts without liquid you will need to purchase an additional part for a small cost. You  get what you pay for with this product  It comes backed with a 2 year warranty and it is not a cheap throwaway blender that I’ve seen out there. For your health (and potentially your families), eating foods that are unprocessed and have raw ingredients are only going to do you the world of good, plus your taste buds well be excited.  If you thinbk this is for you I highly recommend that you pick up your own Nutri Ninja.  Some stores run payment plan offers on them where you’ll pay 3 instalments to help spread the cost. Amazon has the best deals on this blender.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Nutri Ninja or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.