3 Ways to build muscle on a plant based diet

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Many people might think that building muscle on a plant based diet is next to impossible. I thought this also but since being on a plant based diet I’ve managed to build a fair amount of muscle, how?


1: Eat moreoro-gold-on-vegan-food

To put it simply, to build muscle you have to be in a caloric surplus meaning you need to eat more calories than you use. When switching to a plant based diet I didn’t realise the amount I had to actually eat to be in a caloric surplus. Plant based foods are every filling but not every calorically dense so the amount you have to eat might look like too much for the average person. YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE YOU ARE SUPERHUMAN. So eating more is simple the solution. There is a fine line between being in a caloric surplus and pigging out so eating just over your maintenance calories is ideally the best way to doing it with out putting on fat.


2: Get plenty of protein.vegan-protein-options

As well as eating more you have to make sure you’re getting enough protein. Vegan sources of protein can be beans, lentils, quinoa, pulses, broccoli, spinach etc. You will need to make sure you’re getting a lot of these protein rich foods. Supplementing your protein is an option as there are plenty vegan protein powders out there.


3: Lift heavy.

To build muscle you need to train hard! Your body is only going to adapt to the extent it is acquired to do so. Meaning that if you lift the same amount of weight for the same amount of reps your body isn’t going to adapt. So over time increase the intensity of your training by adding more weight, this is known as progressive overload.