4 ways to motivate yourself.

There are two types of motivation, external Motivation and internal motivation.

External motivation comes from outside sources, maybe friends that hype you up or a video you watch that gets  you charged up and raring to go.

Internal motivation is what comes from that little voice in your head.

Proven research on self-determination theory by Dr Ryan and Dr Deci shows that behaviour that is motivated externally doesn’t last when trying to create long term changes. But when your motivated internally it can sistine over long periods of time.

The importance of internal motivation is particularly apparent with more difficult tasks like completing a tough project, changing old habits or sticking to a new healthy eating plan.


So how do you build more of your internal motivation?


Well according to the research there are a few needs that you must have, to build your internal motivation.

Competence, Autonomy and Relationships or C.A.R.

I’ll talk about competence for now and the autonomy and relationships in another post.

In order to feel motivated you need feel competent that you can achieve your goals or whatever you want.

Competence is your own perception of competence, it is NOT an objective measure. So anytime you are going to attempt something new, challenging or attempt get something you want be CONFIDANT that you can do it before you are competent.

Easier said than done right?

4 science-backed ways to train your sub-conscious mind to be confident:

  •  Give yourself positive feed back every time you achieve  even the smallest of accomplishments. Didn’t throw up at during your last workout session? Give yourself positive feedback, stuck to your healthy eating plan for a day, give yourself positive feed back, wrote 1 page of 10 page report, give yourself positive feed.15825


  • Take on a confident posture. Stand tall, shoulders back, chest up big smile on your face. We know from the last email I sent that motion creates emotion so make the motions of a winner. I like to pump my fists in the air like I’ve just won a gold medal at the Olympics.


  • Use vicarious experiences. Model other people that have achieved what you want, who else has lost 5 stone, who else has run that marathon, anyone else got turned their whole life around and achieved greatness? Err YES! So tell yourself over and over again “if they can do it, so can I”.


  • Mastery of experiences. What experiences from your past have you succeed in? Have you been good at anything else in your life? Of course you have so remind yourself that you’ve managed raising kids on your own or learnt how to play piano or stuck to a diet before in the past. So you can do this.


A huge part of confidence is our inner story (what we tell ourself in our head).

Have you used internal motivation before in the past? Did you think this post was helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hope you can find use for this in all areas of your life, wealth, health, love and happiness.