5 Benefits to Bodyweight Training

Backlever into the Sun

Is going to the gym is better than training using your own body weight? Here are 5 benefits of body weight training.

  • Body-weight is weight.

This may seem obvious and it is. Doing a handstand push up is no different to doing a military press with a barbell. Your still engaging the same muscles if not more has your core will be incorporated into the movement to like stabilise your body.  You body doesn’t know the difference between a barbell and the floor with your full body pushing against it.

  • Slower is Better.

The slower you move during a resistance exercise i.e. a push up the long your muscles spend time under tension. The more time the muscle is under tension the more time you’ll create stimuli for that muscle which equal more gains baby! If you rush through an exercise you won’t put the muscles under as much tension therefor you’ll seem like your working hard but your actually not. Try counting 4 seconds on the negative part of the exercise in the case of a push up the lowering of the body to the floor then pushing up and repeating.unnamed

  • It’s FREE

Training using just your own body weight doesn’t cost any money. You can workout at home or in the park. All you need is the right mental attitude to nail the workout. A full body workout is achievable with next to no equipment (you will need a pull up bar which is dirt cheap and great investment). Many parks have workout areas and machines. If you can’t find a park with these then just use the kids play ground, the climbing frames are great for pull ups.

  • Save time

Going to the gym can take up a lot of time. Packing a bag, getting your exercise clothes on and walking there and back can add an extra 30 minute or so. If you at work or traveling you can get a workout out in on the go or on a lunch break. A stair case is any excellent place to do some squats. On the go? Get some train gains on the tube, more than once I’ve managed to squeeze in 5 or more sets of pull- ups on the tube. When it comes to working out at home it can be done in you underwear and finished in a little as 15 minutes. Check out some of my quick 10-15min HERE.

  • Learn to control your bodycropped-20150728_mdpNY_5331.jpg

One of the most amazing thing about body-weight training is that you will learn to control your body in ways you’d never of dreamed. Also it’s great if you have trouble with bad posture and things like standing up from a low seated position. Plus you never know when you might be hanging for your life and need to pull yourself up. When I first started I was unable to do a pull up but after persistent training I learned all sorts of different cool calisthenic moves. Calisthenics is now an internationally know competitive sport which derives from gymnastics. It involving tricks like handstands, back-flips and the human flag.

Over all I’d say body-weight training is the best place to start if your new to fitness and if you’re not a fan of the gym get your ass down to your local bars… pull up bars that is 🙂