About Me

Hi there guys, I’m Mark.

I grew up in south west London, England and raised in a single parent house hold.

I was never really into sports but I loved in-line aggressive skating. My friends and I would skate everywhere and I was really good and passionate about it until I discovered graffiti art. In the areas we would skate there was loads of graffiti and I started to take an interest in it as I had always been into art. However the graffiti world introduced me to alcohol and smoking along with breaking the law by committing criminal damage.

In my teens and into my twenties I started drinking and smoking a lot leaving behind my skating days for nights on the streets vandalizing public property, breaking into train depots and running from police.

Long story short I ended up turning my life and health around for the better when I discovered fitness. I quit smoking, drinking and breaking the law. I got involved in the fitness industry, training clients and running bootcamps class about 6 years ago.

I have always been interested in health being a personal trainer and became interested in trying veganism after watching a documentary about the food industry.

I loved health and fitness but I had a pent up pain of contributing to the animal cruelty by supporting the meat industry.  I became interested in trying veganism after watching a documentary about the food industry.


At the start of May 2015 I wanted to try an experiment to see how my body would react and function while training on a plant based vegan diet. I was already on a vegetarian but this was like the next step I wanted to go to.

After a month on a vegan diet I noticed that I had more energy and strength as I ever had. I was initially worried about not being able to get enough protein on a plant based diet. I soon learned that plants, beans, seeds and nuts have more than enough protein in them to build muscle. I have gained plenty of muscle in almost a year and I like share what I’ve leaned with you all.

Kind regards