Energy Boosting Hacks

Big Ben one arm planche

Busy busy busy. We all are these days so busy people need energy. Here are 5 ways to boost energy without taking any supplements.

1 – Change your state.

You can instantly change how you feel by changing how you move your body. Scientist and psychologists have proven that changing you body positioning can effect your mental state. You can use this to your advantage and increasing your energy by making large movements with your body. Star jumps, burpees, shaking your fists (while stading), jumping up and down on the spot or even just standing tall holding your hands over you head like you’ve won a gold medal can do the trick. Try these for at least 2 mins any time your feeling low on energy.

2 – Drink more water

This is an obvious one but such underrated advice. If you are 1% dehydrated your energy levels can plummet. To find out the minimum amount of water you should drink take your body weight in pounds divide by 2 equals the minimum amount of water you should be drinking per day in ounces 40oz = roughly 1 litre. I wrote a whole blog post on how much water should you drink per day.


3 – Do more exercise

This might seem obvious or not make sense to some but the more energy you expend the more you get back. The fitter you are the more effectively your body will use energy. This mainly applies to cardio exercise as I find lifting heavy weight or intense body weight exercises requires me to need more sleep. So I recommend HIIT cardio which can be done in short periods of time between 5-20 mins. Here are a couple quick workouts you can do anywhere.


4 – Deep breathing

Incorrect breathing can decrease your productivity, make you lose focus, and increased heart rate. Here is a deep breathing exercise you can try for 1 minute.

Breath in count to 2, exhale count to 2.

Inhale count to 2, exhale count to 3

Inhale for 2 secs, exhale for 4 secs.

Inhale for 2, exhale for 5 secs

Repeat a few times until you’ve reached 1 minute.


5 – Avoid sugar

Processed foods, sugary drinks like soda, sweets, chocolate bars, will give you a temporary energy boost followed by an almost immediate dramatic crush. This is because of the hormone insulin being secreted into your blood too quickly causing it to spike. If your looking for a quick healthy snack reach for healthy fats like nuts and seeds.

Now this is post is about boosting energy without supplements but supplements can be great way to get all the nutrients your body needs to function at its best.