How To Lose Weight On a Vegan Diet – 7 Steps

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How To Lose Weight On a Vegan Diet – 7 Easy Tips

So you might of heard about the benefits of going vegan, more energy, increased strength, healthy lookingskin, not contributing to animal cruelty and the environmental damage are all upsides of a plant based diet.

There is also an added bonus you will receive when going vegan which is losing weight. Going vegan to lose weight might seem like an impossible task because you’ve heard that a vegan diet is high in carbohydrates. Well this is true, a plant based diet is high in carbs but carbs don’t make you fat, excess calories make you fat. Eating more calories than you are consuming will make you gain extra weight that’s a fact.


One of the main reasons a vegan diet is a great way to lose weight is because you are eating a lot of fibre. Fibre rich foods clean out your intestines resulting in weight lose.

So here’s 7 tips on how to lose weight on a vegan diet:

  • Keep your fats lower

You want to keep your fat intake lower. Get no more than 10% of your daily calorie intake from fats. If your not counting calories (and sure as hell I ain’t) try the portion size method where you would have no more than a thumb size of fat with each meal. Also using water instead of oil when cooking is a great way to keep your fat intake down.

  • Ditch the processed food

A basic rule I like to follow is ‘if it has more than one ingredient in it don’t eat it’. If that seems too extreme for you try ‘if it has something in it you’ve never heard of or can’t pronounce the name of’ don’t eat it. Stick to whole foods and you’ll be on your way to a flat stomach.

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  • Drink lots of water

Yes it’s obvious but I don’t think most people are drinking enough water. Drink water helps tremendously when it comes to weight lose. Here’s how to calculate how much water you should drink daily: 0.5 ounces x Body Weight in Pounds = Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces.

  • Eat a lot of leafy greens

Spinach, kale, spring (collard) greens, broccoli contain vital nutrients and have high sources of calcium which is essential for weight lose and optimal health.

  • Exercise

Now this one is a given but you should exercise regularly if weight lose is your goal. Running, hiking, walking, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, body weight exercise and sports are all great. As little as 15 minutes a day as been know to help burn fat.

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  • Cut out sugar

You will find refined process sugar in a lot of vegan products that calm to be healthy. Read the label of ingredients all the time and like I said before if it contains sugar skip out on consuming it.

  • Don’t drink fruit juice/sodas

This could fit into the point above because fruit juices and sodas contain so much sugar it’s a joke. Definitely cut this out if you’re are looking lose weight.

Most of all be patient on your weight lose journey and stick with it. You will mess up some days but don’t let that get you down, it happens to all of us. Every passing moment is a chance to turn it around so stay strong.