I wish I learnt this growing up.

You know what…? I use to be a lazy, unhealthy, weak, contributing nothing to the planet kinda human being!

I would sleep all day and stay up all night not caring how I treated others or myself.

What changed me??

Building strong positive habits to help support my goals and others.

I learnt about the habit loop which is a neurological loop that controls all habits from a book called ‘The Power of Habit.’ which I highly recommend! #LifeChangingBook


The habit Loop has 3 parts:


Eg: Cue – waking up in the morning, routine – brushing your teeth, reward – minty fresh breath and clean teeth.

Once you overstand the components to your bad habits you can start to swap old negative behaviour for new habits.
Rewards are powerful!

Find a strong reward for your new routine and you’ll build the habit much easier.

When it comes to exercising even just 5-10mins can be enough to start building the habit.

Pick 2 exercises jump squats and mountain climbers for example. Set a time for 8 rounds of 20 sec ON and 10 sec OFF (rest) and give it 100% for those 20 secs and alternate between the two exercises.

Go until you’ve done 8 rounds

Once your habit of consistent exercise is built, when you skip more than 2 days without’t training you’ll feel weird. Like not brushing your teeth every day.

When you’re just starting out it can be confusing and it helps to have guidance/motivation from someone more experienced.

So if you do then please contact me, I’m here to help.

Positive vibes your way.


PS: What habits are trying to build or break this year?

PPS: The Power Of Habit is one of my top 5 books and by spend the price of a cup of coffee to get it you could missing out on being the best version of yourself and ultimately change your life.