Vegan protein powder review – My No1 protein

When making the switch to a plant based diet the first thing I was concerned about was losing muscle. Anecdotally it turns out as long as you are training hard and get enough protein (See my post on 3 ways to build muscle on a plant based diet).sunwarrior warrior blend vanilla

Speaking of protein I picked up some Sunwarrior protein powder today and here’s a quick review on it.

It comes in 3 flavours, Chocolate, Vanilla, and natural. Mixing it to smoothies, porridges and any thing you can think of adds a delicious creamy flavour and packs a health 16 grams of protein per serving.

Did I mention this is all plant based?

What I like about the warrior blend from the Sunwarrior protein range is that it’s a complete protein made up of hemp, cranberry, and pea protein. So this stuff has all the essential amino acids plus it’s high in fibre and does not leave you bloated.

Sunwarrior is soy, gluten free and contains no chemicals at all.

I love this stuff and think it’s on of the best vegan/plantbased proteins on the market.