Tips for eating while traveling

Lunch on the go

A common issue people have when thinking about starting to a plant based diet is “It’s tough to stick to when traveling”.

This may seem like a legitimate problem but actually can easily solved with a little thought and preparation.

Here’s what suggest


  • Bring snacks. Every time I’m traveling I always pack plenty of wholefoods snacks. Things like nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables are easy to transport. There are plenty of vegan energy bars out there too. Here’s a review of some out there.


  • Prepare a couple of meals for your journey in a tupperware box. A simple one I like is just rice, beans and a few veggies.


  • Pack protein power. Bring along your favorite plant based protein is ideal if your traveling light. Just mix it with water and boom your good to go. Check out my review on the yummy Sunwarrior protein powered.


  • Look up vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the area your traveling to. There are so many tasty plant based friendly restaurants all over the world and in every big city your find more than enough to choose from. Here’s a list of vegan restaurant in London.


  • Stuck at the airport with no food? The best plant-based options are Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern. If you don’t see any vegan options on the menu ask the staff and most of the time the chief can make a slight alteration with the foods to suit your requirements.


  • Once you reach you destination (or before hand) look up the nearest health food shops in the area or just take a trip to the local supermarket and stock out on some plant based goodness for you new location.